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Kommunity FK Live In LA June 2007

Patrik would like to personally thank all those who made these two shows in Los Angeles so wonderful! Both shows were sold out -
Thank you to all those who worked so hard behind the scene and all those in the Kommunity FK Kontingent....YOU ROCK!!

Both Patrik and Sherry would also like to personally thank Mistress Eva Von SIlky for all her help & correspondensces, Ames/KFK Road Manager for all of his hard work and great Looney Tunes impressions, Jenn Bats for being so beautiful, Clare for the week of sanity during the insanity, Katz Flipside for his live recording at Release The Bats, Johnny Coffin/Coffin Case for a great day at Coffin Case HQ and his generous give-a-ways, Drew and Velia at The Original Cult/Lip Service for providing Patrik and Sherry's stage ensemble and their great give-a-ways, Geza X's Studio crew-Paul Roessler/Engineer, Robbie/Studio Guru for working with Patrik's busy schedule (Patrik not only rehearsed all week and performed two live shows, he also laid down a new Kommunity FK Track for the upcoming full length LP "LA SANTISIMA MUERTE."

On this webpage you will enjoy photos from both live shows, Kommunity FK Soundchecks, show flyers, and even some of Sherry Rubber's own personal images from the last night of three Kommunity FK rehearsals before these live shows...

KOMMUNITY FK performed their two sold out shows at:
RELEASE THE BATS/Long Beach, California June 22, 2007
BAR SINISTER @ BOARDNER'S/Hollywood, California June 23 2007

This webpage is dedicated to all of the KFK Krew and all of Patrik's Fans-You are all the best!

The following images of KOMMUNITY FK are live shots from both
"Release The Bats/Friday June 22nd 2007"
"Bar Sinister@Boardner's/Satruday June 23rd 2007"....HOT!!

PatrikMata_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007 KFK Live@RTB_Shane/Patrik/Dave/Tom  
Sherry Rubber_KFK_Live_RTB_June07 PartikMata_KFK_Live_RTB_June07
ShaneTalada_KFK_Live@RTB_June07 DaveBats_KFK_Live@RTB_June07
PatrikMata_SherryRubber_Live@RTB_SoulKissOfSoulMates_June07 ShaneTalada_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007
PatrikMata_DaveBats_KFK@RTB_June2007 DaveBats_PatrikMata_SherryRubber_Live@RTB_June07
PatrikMata_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007 ShaneTalada_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007 DaveBats_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007
Dave_Patrik_Sherry_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007 Patrik_Sherry_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007
SherryRubber_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007 PatrikMata_SherryRubber_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007
Patrik_Sherry_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007 DaveBats_SherryRubber_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007
SherryRubber_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007 PatrikMata_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007  
PatrikMataSherryRubber_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007 PatrikMata_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007
PatrikMata_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007 DaveBats_PatrikMata_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007 ShaneTalada_KFK_Live@BarSinister_June2007
PatrikMata_SherryRubber_KFK_Live@RTB_june07 PatrikMataSherryRubber_KFK_Live@RTB_June2007

(Taken at Release The Bats June 22nd 2007)
and a shot of the Kommunity FK "Set List" for their set at Release The Bats...
Shane/Tom/Dave/Patrik/Sherry_KFK_SoundCheck@RTB_June2007   KommunityFK_SetList_RTB_June2007

These photgraphs are rare and historik!
All Kommunity FK rehearsals are very professional and very private-
Sherry Rubber shares her own personal images of Kommunity FK in rehearsal...ENJOY-Tee/Hee!
SherryRubber_KommunityFK_Rehersal_June2007   DaveBats_PatrikMata_KommunityFK_Rehersal_June2007
Dave_Patrik_KommunityFK_Rehersal_June2007 Tom_Ames_Shane_KommunityFK_Rehersal_June2007

Kommunity FK Live In LA June 2007
Kommunity FK Full Page Promo Add June07 Kommunity FK Show FLyer By Max Reinhart
(The above flyer was created by Max Reinhart )
(Max has done numerous pieces for Kommunity FK's alter-ego band Texylvania...)

Patrik got his wonderful endorsement companies " COFFIN CASE " and " THE ORIGINAL CULT/LIP SERVICE" and " INVISIBLE RECORDS " to provide killer GIVE-A-WAYS to Patrik's loyal FANS... These shows were Patrik's way of saying THANK YOU to his Kontingent...

The LA Weekly has always written about KOMMUNITY FK since the incarnation of the band that Patrik Mata formed in 1979. Patrik is very flattered by and thankful to Lina Lecaro for her pick of Kommunity FK's June 23rd show at Bar Sinister@Boardner's in Hollywood....

Photographers: Sherry Rubber, Katz Flipside, Blu, Salem2nite, Morven, Barry Monkeybucket, Yvette Lera

All digital images and photo-coding by Harbinger, LTD.

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