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Welcome To The Official KOMMUNITY FK ©™ Website.

Kommunity FK was created by Patrik Mata in 1978 in the midst of the LA punk explosion.
Unknowingly, Patrik's new musical genre became a cross between post punk against a darker gloom that became the genesis
of American alterative/gothic/deathrock. Mata's style of creating original pieces reaches far into several genres of music with the classification of "Alternative Music"
as the structured sound of Kommunity FK.
Kommunity FK's beginnings were raw. Mata's influences of William S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, and early Bowie were woven through a dreamy musical side
combined with experimental synthesized art punk. Mata's visionary soundscapes were all his own.

The original pronunciation of Mata's new creation was "Kommunity Fuck".
Very daring for the time when the later part of the band name was the top word of what was then known as the FCC's 'seven words not to be uttered' list.
Changed by Mata to "Kommunity FK" so promoters back in the day had no problem placing the headliners name on their marquees.
The FK has stuck throughout the decades ever since the bands live performance inception.

Patrik Mata, fully armed with his own recording studio (Vision & The Voice Studios) Mata has continued Kommunity FK as a ground breaker within the world of music. Mata not only records new Kommunity FK pieces and remixes at the Vision & The Voice Studios daily, but also works for clientele such as movie sound tracks and other artist material. Mata also DJs for numerous clubs including the first reopening of the Los Angeles based "Bat Cave".

Kommunity FK performs internationally and records new material in the same tradition as they always have since 1978-
As an original forerunner of Alternative music....~We will Not Fall~

(Streaming website background music is Kommunity FK's original piece "23rd Curse"...Enjoy!)

Kommunity FK Live

KOMMUNITY FK @ CONVERGENCE 23/Dallas May 20 2017

Kommunity FK had a blast at the 3 day 23rd Annual Convergence "C23" @ Deep Ellum/Curtain Club that was held in Dallas, TX. Kommunity FK took over the stage of the Curtain club on Sat. May.20.2017 as a headliner for C23.
Convergence 23 ran the three days of May 19-21, 2017: The 3day annual party put on by the denizens of alt.gothic for the denizens of alt.gothic and ALL their friends that squishes together hundreds of net.goths from around the globe and their friends into a single city for a weekend of socializing, booze, bands, vendor booths, scheduled activities, musical events, and sweet debauchery. Other bands included: David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Official Assemblage 23, djs, & more...

Kommunity FK send their thanks to Oliver Sheppard, Joe Garcia, staff of the Curtain Club, and ALL of our amaizng fans: Michelle & Brian Hundley, and more!
  • Sherry Rubber & her Les Paul grace the cover article of this great review and photos of this darkling 3 day event featured in " The Dallas Observer "...!

    Patrik Live Dallas May 2017 KFK Brian/Bass Live Dallas May 2017 KFK Christopher/Drums Live Dallas May 2017 KFK Sherry/Guitar Live Dallas May 2017

    Kommunity FK @ Convergence 23

    Check out live video from this performance: Komminity FK Live Protektion .

    Photo Credit: Roderick Pullum, The Hudleys, Beagle One Photography.
    Kommunity FK

  • !!! KOMMUNITY FK FAN'S !!!

    SID Kommunity FK Tat Via Chile Fan Roman Baba Austin's Tattoo Model_KFK Fan_KommunityFK_Tat Brish_RussianFederation_KommunityFK_Tat These pictures were sent to Patrik by true Kommunity FK fans.

    Patrik can not express the words of his gratitude when he first laid eyes on these photographs of the beautiful "Brish" sporting her "We Will Not Fall" tattoo and "Roman Lopez Barra" proudly showing off his "Something Inside Me Has Died" ink!

    Brish (pictured to the right) proudly shows her love for Patrik's anthem song off the first Kommunity FK album "The Vision And The Voice".
    Roman (pictured to the left) proudly shows his love for Patrik's anthem song off the second Kommunity FK album "Close One Sad Eye".

    Brish hails from the Russian Federation along with her friends who also are fans of Kommunity FK.
    Roman Lopez Barra hails from the amazing country of Chile where he and his friends love Kommuinty FK.

    The beautiful artwork by West Coast Tattoo Master 'Baba Austin' flows complete via 'Something Inside Me Has Died'...A true Lovely in Los Angeles! Another photo set that Baba sent Patrik gets close up and personal into Patrik's inking by Baba himself at Baba's great tattoo shop " Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor " in Los Angeles. As for showing off doom and gloom the world of Deathrock/Goth...Dave Bat's of 'Release The Bat's/CA.' shows off his favorite bands proudly on his leather. Kommunity FK OG logo topping the leather list!
    Patrik sends his love and thanks to Roman, Brish, Dave, Baba & his Lovely Tattoo Model/KFK Fan, and all of you. We Will Not Fall...
    Dave Bats Leather-Kommunity FK Logo Loud N Proud Baba Austin Inking Patrik-YES! Kommunity FK

    Kommunity FK
    VIDEO SINGLE 'Thee New Tribe'

    "Thee New Tribe" video is making digital waves~ And we love it all you darklings!!!

    Hailing as the first single off of Kommunity FK's full length album "Thee Image & Thee Myth" the song
    'Thee New Tribe' was the song to set to video.

    Many thanks to the video's director Bryn, Francis, and Basement Films for a fun evening of creative shooting in front and behind the camera!!!

    Kommunity FK

    Patrik Mata In New Dr Marten Book

    Author Martin Roach contacted Patrik regarding his newest penning:
    "In Dr. Martens: A History of Rebellious Self Expressions".

    A chronicle of Britain's most influential brands this book narrative is told through in-depth research, dozens of interviews with high profile musicians. subcultural individuals, and creative personalities. Patrik first proudly started wearing Doc Martens boots in 1978 (steal cap of course)!

    "A History of Rebellious Self Expressions" is complemented by over 220 photographs (many previously unpublished~ Hence Patrik's recent photo session shot exclusivley for the pages of said book release), as well as, rare memorabilia.

    Many thanks to Mr. Roach putting forth the many pages that make up this new release~

    * www.drmartens.com
    * www.facebook.com/drmartens
    * www.twitter.com/drmartens
    * instagram.com/drmartens

    Patrik~ Interview With Terra Relicta

    Patrik's newest interview is with the Brazilian based webzine Terra Relicta .

    Tomaz of Terra Relicta approached Patrik just prior to the month of Kommunity FK's inking their recording contract with Crysella Records~ This timing factor ended up making this one in depth interview!!!

    Patrik shares insite on Kommunity FK's new record deal, the jouny getting signed, and background on the making of Kommunity FK's full length album "Thee Image & Thee Myth".

    Patrik thanks all of his fans world wide and hopes each member of the Kommunity FK Kontingent enjoys this new online magazine piece~

    Patrik Mata~Interview~PlunderTheTombs

    Patrik's newest interview is with the Australian based webzine 'Plunder The Tombs'~

    Patrik reveals never before released know-how on his musical alternative anti-art song writing,
    perspective of his legendary past, present, and shares upcoming future plans...

    Cheers to interviewer James Sutekh of Plunder The Tombs for his great knowledgeable questions~

    Check out Patrik's interview along with some hypnotizing photographs at:
    * Plunder The Tombs Kommunity FK

    Thee New Tribe-KFK New Single-

    Both "THEE NEW TRIBE" & "DOLL OV THEE UNDEAD" have made their own radio debuts in the UK & in the USA!!!
    In synch with their recent radio debuts these new singles are now for sale .

    These two pieces are the first singles released from Kommunity FK's
    All of you darkling beauties know you need these new singles for your Deathrock kollexion, for your groovy ghouly fiends, or for that lovely shadow creature that lives in your closet~
    Play at maximum volume!!

    Head over to Kommunity FK's Store to hear a sample of these tracks and purchase/download them!!!

    This IS 21st century Deathrock!!!

     Kommunity FK ~Doll Ov The Undead~ Single Released Kommunity FK


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    Patrik Mata Solo Artist Website.


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    Patrik Mata/Left &  Edward/Right On
Their Break At The Original Posers-1980
    * Thank you to Yaffa & Phillip at 'POSERS' on Melrose *

    POSERS has a special place in Patrik's life.
    Patrik worked for the original Posers located in Hollywood where he shined (as always) as a fashion icon and shop manager daily.
    The photograph shown is of Patrik on the left and his friend Edward of 'Nervous Gender' on the right.
    This shot taken while both were on their lunch break while working at the original Posers in 1980.
    Patrik would like to thank the Edward and Clare/rip for bringing this historik image back into the light....

    Patrik is so thrilled that Yaffa has revived the wonder that is Poser.
    A very heart felt thank you to Yaffa and Phillip for all their kind support to Patrik and Kommunity FK.

    KOMMUNITY FK's mainman PATRIK MATA has been writing his autobiography/memoirs for an upcoming book publication.
    Patrik Mata Hanging With Debra and Rodney-1976 He has been told by many of his closest colleagues and associates to do this for years now and has finally decided to go for it. This most promising book will include his early days as a daydreaming 3rd grader in a Catholic school hearing British Invasion rock for the first time, to his Glitter Kid days of being "reborn" from hearing BOWIE for the first time, to his being handed the "Factory Sample: Not For Sale" copy of "Anarchy in the UK" BY tHE sEx pIsTolS when they were on EMI from then Malcolm McMclaren Rep. RORY JOHNSON.

    The book, PATRIK claims, "will be one of personal and, at times, even questionable experiences, exposed for the first time from being buried quite deep in my Soul's TRUTH." The book will also include some never-seen-before photographs taken during several musical periods in his life to also having an accompanying CD of trax of songs self-penned by PATRIK MATA that have never seen any kind of release until now.
    A few of these trax will include some of his very first ever songs with just himself and an acoustic 12 string guitar to 2 trax PATRIK recorded that were mixed and produced by KEN SCOTT(producer of the best first 5 most influential BOWIE classic lps), from back in 1975!

    The photo shown is a 'sneak peak' that Patrik has released. The photo was taken by Mark Sullivan backstage at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood, California.
    Patrik is seen here hanging out with (from left to right) Rodney On The Roq, Blondie's Debora Harry, and Patrik Mata-YUMMY!! The year is an early 1976 when Blondie just played their debut show in Los Angeles.

    Stay tuned to this website for more as it develops...